¡De puta madre!
Ángela Duras


Name: Ángela Duras
Age: 17
Birthday: 25 Mai 2002
Nationality: Spanish


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blond hair, greenish blue eyes, thick lips, lips tatto, nails are always done


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empathetic, aggressive, does what she wants, outgoing, honest, faithful, smug, love make-up


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she loves to dress elegant, but she also loves to wear street clothes and hoodies.


Angie comes from a very rich business family. His parents are separated but they still have a good relationship.They lived in Canada, but because of work, they were sent to Spain.

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her older brother (Jacobo) and her

Best friends

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Lucrecia invited Angie to a party at the beginning of the year. Valerio spent the whole night with her. She felt flecked by his smile.

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