As I found myself crying on my bedroom floor I noticed it was not about how shitty my life has been untill now. No not this time. It was different from all the other times I have sat here in the exact same position. This time it was about you.

I realized I love you... And yes love should be something beautiful and nobody should cry about it but the truth be told I am afraid of love. The last time I fell in love it did not end well. I was left broken and on my own. Not knowing what to do or if it was all worth it... Furthermore the person I have loved the most my entire life betrayed me. So I do not think love is made for me. All it has brought me is pain. I mean yes for a while it is fun and than I do something to fuck it all up.
It leaves me broken everytime.

And yet it feels different with you. You do not get bored of me. You keep on being there no matter how hard I try to push you away. No matter how hard I try to close the door you opened, you always seem to find a way to keep it open and stay exactly where you are. I am scared of losing you... Scared you realize I am not what you wanted after all. Afraid it will hurt again... I am done hurting... I closed that door a long time ago and yet you came in like you owned the place.

I am afraid that when I finally start to think I might be worth it you realize someone else is better. I am afraid that when you come closer I can not ever let you go. I am afraid that I will be left broken again...

No matter what you do I will forgive you. No matter what you decide I am behind you. No matter who you fall for I want you to be happy. Truth be told I am already fell so deep in love with you that there is no turning back for me...

So I got one request and that is please be honest with me.