The key to good style is the basic pieces of clothing that we will combine with the rest to complete the look. If you are thinking of remodeling a closet this fall, you may be missing out on some items like shoes, a coat, a handbag. However, in order to dress stylishly, the essential pieces of clothing we often forget to wear are very important. This fall, every woman should renew herself with a new and beautiful wardrobe, and spend the money wisely. Make a list of the things we'll list to make this fall in style flawless!

1. Perfect white T-shirt
You certainly have a white T-shirt, but once you have lost the perfect whiteness you can wear it when you go to workout but not for work or coffee with friends. So once every six months or a year it's worth buying a quality white T-shirt that fits you well depending on how careful you are with your wardrobe.

2. Dark skinny jeans
Knee-high boots will look much worse with any other model of jeans, but not with the model that follows the body line. Find jeans that are comfortable as "second skin" and have them dark so you can wear them for work or for an evening out. Although you may be tempted to try some of the current trendy models such as wide legless jeans or shorter ones to the joints. If you have the funds for another pair, have dark skinny jeans of normal length with no details. You'll look great with a white T-shirt, classic coat or leather jacket and boots.

3. Jacket
The jacket is always in fashion, and in recent seasons the models are wearing vibrant colors, but what is definitely worth the money is a classic jacket that will stand out to you as a tailor, black or tee depending on which color prevails. your closet. Don't look for a cheaper one as the quality jacket will cost a little more, but you'll carry it for years.

4. Quality sleeveless jersey
When was the last time you bought a black or white sleeveless t-shirt? If you can't remember it's time to buy a new one. These T-shirts are the basis of the autumn wardrobe as you can wear them under a shirt or blouse, as well as lightweight knit sweaters, all season long. But it's important to keep it tailored to you because it can fit and look messy.

5. Black tights
The inevitable piece of wardrobe in the fall and winter. Throw away those from previous years and buy 2-3 pairs of new leggings.

6. Texas Jacket
If you don't have such a jacket it's time to buy. They are worn again and are a great solution for the days when it is okay to go for a dress, but you will still need something to switch over shoulder to shoulder. The Texas jacket is worn in any color, but if you don't want to wear it for just one season, choose a classic darker model.

7. Narrow roll
Excellent combination with skirts, pants, jeans. Choose a model of fine wool or a mixture of wool, rayon or cotton in a neutral color so you are not limited to blending. Black, teal, gray or beige are a great choice to go wrong.

8. Black boots
Classic. It is always worth paying to invest in quality, black leather boots. If you are new to this season do not hesitate to buy the first ones you like but look for some that will be perfectly comfortable. It is as important as it is for you to stand well. When purchasing make sure they have leather sole (which is a great option), then take them to a shoe to get a thin rubber glue before you start wearing them. That way they will last longer.

9. White shirt
The same goes for the white jersey. It must be white "like snow" and must stand as if it were sewn to you. If the one you have in the closet has changed color it's time for a new one.

10. Black leggings
Not exercise leggings but quality leggings that you can combine with those boots we mentioned above, with tunics or longer jackets and shirts on less formal occasions.