The windy streets that spread the romantic aroma of baked chestnut will transform into your personal catwalk with Cosmo style tips. All shades of brown are in vogue this fall, and we suggest that you feel free to combine different designs, keeping the shades in agreement. Here are some trendy pieces that should be in your closet.

Rollers in neutral shades

Get out of the misconception that skateboards are uncomfortable and grazing. Be sure to get at least one this fall - fine, soft wool or cashmere, which won't irritate your neck. If you stick to gray, beige and brown and choose a model that goes all the way to the edges of your jaw - you'll look sexy, like the favorite professor all students crave!

Wide pants
Pants with high waist and wide socks, almost men's cut are a must-have item. If you combine them with feminine, silk blouses you will be a true business cat.

Sweater with patches on sleeves
Cardigans and sweaters are a must-have part of the wardrobe this fall and all women will wear them! Want to stand out from the crowd? Buy one with patches and knock everyone off your feet in the style of a modern sexy nerd.

Short shorts
Wear them with knee-high boots and long wool sweaters. Feel free to experiment with lengths, and our shorts are definitely short, sexy shorts!

Biker jacket
Get the attention of all the "bad guys" in a black leather jacket, which you can also wear to work and when you start the nightlife.

Cowboy boots
The perfect choice for those days when you just don't want to settle. Comfortable, straight leather rough leather boots with simple jeans will look fantastic. We suggest yes
, in addition, combine soft oversize woolen pieces.

Dress on stripes
Stripes are not the exclusive right of the summer wardrobe. In Paris chic style, complement the striped knit dress with gold details and let your fashion summer go all winter long!