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Name : Lucine Casure
Age : 25

Human appearance

eyes, makeup, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed gold, style, and necklace image Mature image
Curly brown hair and eyes, tanned skin, a lot of tattoos.


eye, eyes, and gold image aesthetic, claws, and random image Image by كاميگازّي elf and aesthetic image
When she feels threatened she changes in her favorite form. It allows her to be fast and precise without losing her human mind.

Wolf form

brown wolf image
Brown wolf with darker ends and golden eyes.


autumn, flannel, and shirt image fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, denim, and clothes image blue, jeans, and grunge image
Denim jacket and flannels everyday.


character, kind, and mind image quotes and kindness image happiness, happy, and kind image quotes and love image
She is super kind and happy.