I keep seeing all this people shouting that all girls are beautiful, that we should stay the way we are, that we shouldn't change only because society tell us to, but let's be honest in the end if we don't we would end up alone and nobody wants that.
I understand that someone should start somewhere but it's really hard seeing all your skinny friends meeting guys, having boyfriends, while you are just the "funny friend", the quiet one.
I don't wanna end up alone, I want what they have and unfortunately the only way to have it is changing my self, starve my self in order to look like them because boys don't like when your belly or your thighs giggles, don't like fat arms.
Some of them may say that they like "curvy or thick" girls but that isn't true, they like big boobs and medium butts but only if you also ave a flat stomach, small arms, small legs.
Also I have tik tok and keep seeing videos where guys say I like all kind of girls.....
I don't think so, you like saying that, you like that people thinks you think that, but you don't really mean it, let's just be real you like skinny girls and that's all.
Sorry for making this so long but I really needed to talk with someone about this and none of my skinny friends would understand so thanks for reading.
If you feel like me the only thing I can say is stay strong and if you wanna talk send me a postcard.