People of the internet.

I know some of you out here enjoy reading, would like to meet other readers, get good recommendations for books and share what you learn as you read a grow!

I recently got back into reading after I met a boy (lol) that actually inspired to inform myself and have subjects to talk about.
We'd talk about things and I really realized I didn't have much information or history or knowledge in the things I said I liked.

So I went ahead and bought 5 books, one for every month from now till Christmas because I realized I do need to start reading.

I want to make a community with people from all over the globe that enjoy reading to share our thoughts either about one book that we all read of actually swapping (mailing) books around to each other.

If you read till down here and you are interested in joining let's make it happen! September we start!

Send me a DM on Instagram
( and give me a follow and I will organize this global book club!!

I'm super excited to see the turnout and make sure you let me know where you are from! Let's start a community