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It's me again with Part 2 of my article - "Habits That Will Help You Become Happier."

Read Part 1 (about daily and weekly habits) here:

And now, let's talk about monthly and yearly habits that can help you boost your happiness. Let's go!


➽ 1. Give Back.

It's not a secret that giving back can provide a much needed boost to our mood.
Whether it's as simple as just saying a compliment to someone or something on a larger scale like offering to watch your friend’s pet or helping out at a food bank on the third weekend of every month, or helping your parents in their daily house duties - once you try doing it, you'll find out that it really helps you to feel better, more fulfilled and happier.

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➽ 2. Take Yourself Out.

Who said you can't go out alone?
We live in a really busy world and sometimes our friends and family members doesn't have time for us. It's normal.
But why would you let that stop you from going out and enjoying your time?
You can go on a trip you always wanted to go, go to your favourite restaurant, go to the cinema, go to the concert, take the classes you always wanted to take.

Even if you've always been a really social person and you love being in the crowd - spending some deliberate time alone can help you reconnect with the activities that truly make you happy.

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➽ 3. Create A Thought List.

Whenever you have a brief window of time - 10 or 15 minutes to spare - use this time to take control over your thoughts.
Don't pick up your phone to scroll social media or don't worry about the busy week you have ahead of you like you probably usually do in your spare time. Instead write a short list of happy memories or things you’re looking forward to on a small piece of paper (or on your phone - let's face it, it's more convinient).

And when you find yourself standing in line at the grocery store, waiting for a bus or you just have a few minutes to kill - it's a perfect opportunity to break out the list.
It's also a great idea to use it when you’re just generally feeling down and need to change up your thoughts.

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➽ 1. Take Time To Reflect.

Once a year set aside some time to stop for a while, take inventory of your life and catch up with yourself, the same way you would catch up with an good old friend.

Ask yourself this simple questions:_

  • How are you doing?
  • What have you been up to?
  • Are you happier than you were a year ago?

Just remember to avoid the pitfall of judging yourself too harshly for your answers. You've made it through the year, that's plenty! And you can change everything everyday.

Also if you notice that your mood hasn’t improved much over the last year - it would be a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor or talk to a therapist - since you might be dealing with depression or even an underlying physical condition that has an impact on your mood.

There's nothing to be ashamed about asking for help, we all need it from time to time.

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➽ 2. Reevaluate Your Goals.

We grow, we experience stuff, we learn and most of all we change.
And a lot can change in a year, a lot can be really different.
So take time to sit down and think about where you’re heading - think about if that’s still where you want to go.

Do you still want the same things you wanted a month, a two or even 6 months ago?

Remember that there's no shame in changing the game, because it's your game, your life and your happiness we are talking about.
It's really important to let go of any goals that no longer serve you, even if they sound nice on paper..

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➽ 3. Take Care Of Your Body.

I bet you've already heared this many times before - physical and mental health are closely intertwined.
So while you build habits that can improve your happiness, don't forget it should be followed up with routine appointments to take care your body.

So, don't delay things like:

  • checking your vision,
  • seeing your dentist for a regular check up,
  • taking care of chronic health conditions (if you have any),
  • seeing primary care physician for an annual physical.

The healthier the body is, the easier it is to become happier.

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➽ 4. Let Go Of Grudges.

I know it's often easier said then done, but know one thing - sometimes dropping a grudge is more about self-care than compassion for someone.

Keeping grudges is not a healthy thing, so consider reaching out to someone you've been harboring any resentment in an effort to bury the hatchet.
It really doesn't have to be a reconciliation. Sometimes we just need to just need to end the relationship in order to move on.

And if reaching out isn't an option - you can just try to pour all your feelings into a letter (that you don't really need to send). Just writing down and getting your feelings out of your mind can be a healing and freeing thing.

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"You know, people go on and on about, like, you have to forgive and forget to move past something. No, you don't.
You don't have to forgive and you don't have to forget to move on.
You can move on without any of those things happening.
You just become indifferent, and then you move on.
Do you believe in forgiveness?
Yes, absolutely, like, for people that are important in your life who have added, you know, who have enriched your life and made it better, and also there has been some struggle and some bad stuff, too.
But I think that, you know, if something's toxic and it's only ever really been that, what are you gonna do?
Just move on. It's fine."

- Taylor Swift

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And that was Part 2 of the article! Hope you like it.
Have a great week and take care!
See you soon! xx, L.

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