Cameron Colson

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"Our parents don't define us so don't you dare think I'm going to be like them!
I would die before I turn my back on you"


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"Yes she survived... but I wouldn't say she had luck...
After all the things she saw, the things she heard, the things she did... I don't think she is lucky at all"

Leo Sanders

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"You just need to see the good in people...
If you always assume they are bad or mean what type of person those that make you?"

Lilyth Samuels

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"I'm all about living life to the fullest and it scares me I may not be doing so...
But how couldn't it scare me when life seems so boring when you're not reckless"

Ruby Samuels

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"You may think it's dumb to be so optimistic but someone in this team as to believe we have a shot!
And if no one else does it I will"

Kimberly Andrews

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"I had never known how corrosive regret was until I laid my eyes on her...
The way her past created a villain is the true horror of her story..."