Hi my dears !

I hope you all doing good through this time of back to school, I know that it can be a hard moment to pass in a year for a lot of people... Don't be afraid to ask help around you if you need. And for those who are having the best time of their year, I'm happy for you :)

The TV show Euphoria by HBO, you may have heard of it, is literally one of the best (if it's not THE best) TV show I've watched so far. Visually, musically, the characters, the story, not a single thing didn't touch me or inspire me in this show. One of the thing that inspired me the most is the aesthetic of the characters (outfits, make-up...). That's why I had to talk about it here.

Rue fashion inspo

~ everyday outfits

euphoria, zendaya, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed zendaya and euphoria image euphoria, tv show, and zendaya image euphoria and hunter schafer image euphoria image
mix between baggy/oversize (shirts, jeans or sweaters) and tight clothes (crop tops, cycling pants) ; 90's inspired ; black converse ; checked shirts
euphoria, rue, and zendaya image euphoria, Jules, and rules image euphoria, rue, and rules image euphoria, zendaya, and rue image
mix between neutral clothes and colorful patterns ; kinda masculine

~ at night/ party

Temporarily removed zendaya, euphoria, and rue image
gorgeous glitters make-up ; often pink or gold ; she only wears make-up for party
euphoria, zendaya, and aesthetic image Image removed Image removed Image removed
oversize blazers/ suits ; dark colors : plum colored, black, purple, red wine ; masculine again ; satin

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I enjoyed writing it !