♡Favorite Food

food, ramen, and delicious image Temporarily removed

♡Favorite Drink

book, coffee, and aesthetic image 90s, aesthetic, and asian image
Coffee (I'm pretty sure that I'm a Ghoul)

♡Favorite Place

alley, korea, and photography image seoul image

♡Favorite Aesthetic

aesthetic, drink, and beige image drink, aesthetic, and coffee image
Soft, Beige

♡Favorite Weather

book, rain, and autumn image rain, city, and aesthetic image

♡Favorite Animal

cat, animal, and kitten image cat, animal, and cute image

♡Favorite Clothes

aesthetic, alternative, and black image Balenciaga and fashion image

♡Favorite Singer

Temporarily removed Image removed
Kim ChungHa

♡Favorite Actress

park bo young and actress image park boyoung, do bong soon, and boyoung image
Park BoYoung

♡Favorite Movie

anime, spirited away, and chihiro image spirited away, anime, and chihiro image
Spirited Away

♡Favorite Song

Image by Peach Sugar chewing gum, debut, and kpop image
NCT DREAM - Chewing Gum

♡Favorite Color

pink, chocolate, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and korean image

♡Favorite Flower

sunflower, flowers, and yellow image sunflower, flowers, and nature image