Euphoria has been such an incredible show so far. The wait for the next season is less than easy but at least we can still obsess over the amazing makeup looks on the first season of show. So here is a quick article of inspiration from the show to inspire your makeup looks. These looks are great for the club, a dinner date, the office or just a quick trip to the grocery store! Enjoy x

Graphic Eyeliner

euphoria and eye image colorful, editorial, and editorial makeup image earrings, edges, and euphoria image aesthetic, beauty, and colours image euphoria, Jules, and pretty image gold, makeup, and beauty image

Bold Eyeshadow

Image by Enigme Temporarily removed yellow, aesthetic, and girl image beauty, barbie ferreira, and makeup image


euphoria, alexa demie, and makeup image euphoria, sydney sweeney, and cassie image alexa demie, aesthetic, and euphoria image makeup, eye, and aesthetic image aesthetic, beauty, and colours image Image removed


euphoria, glitter, and makeup image euphoria, Jules, and makeup image pink image makeup, beauty, and glitter image
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