Hi. It's Sunday. Yeahhhhh... That laundry basket is just glaring at us from the corner of the room.

WITHOUT ANY PREAMBLES, let's just get that laundry basket out of the way, shall we?

separate by colors

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I do three piles: colored/brights, lights, and darks. The " COLOR " pile will have clothing articles like red shirts, pastel pink socks, neon green shorts... you get the idea. The " LIGHT " pile basically has all my white and grey clothes. The " DARK " pile has all my blue or dark blue jeans, plus (of course) all my black clothes... which are a LOT.

protect your delicate clothing

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lingerie / underwear that's made of lace, silk, or soft cotton can easily be ruined if it gets stuck with other fabrics in the washing machines. thankfully, you can easily get a "delicates bag" to prevent any damage, and problem solved !

be aware that your denim needs special care

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denim can be very sketchy. there are plenty of varieties out there, so the attention you have to give for a certain pair of jeans might be different than you'll have to give another one. either way, your safe bet is to ALWAYS turn your denim inside out, so as to prevent the coloring to dramatically fade away in your washes!

fabric softener... yeah, you might not actually need it.

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yup. basically, fabric softener can make the stretchy material in your gym clothes and undergarments stop working. among the materials it can ruin are: nylon, spandex, and pory... polyesterol? i'll... come back to you on that. either way, that, on my part, is in almost ALL my clothing!

always check your pockets!

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avoid any tragedies by double checking your jeans / jackets' pockets for any papers, receipts, lipstick, money, or whatever before throwing them in the laundry basket!

check your clothing tags for any special washing instructions

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reading your clothes' label is less complicated than you think... really. most clothes are better off in a cold, medium tumble wash... but don't take that for granted! the best alternative to avoid having to awkwardly squeeze into your top the next morning is to simply read the labels! (and remember, when in doubt, google it... lol)

warning : please do not put your shoes in the washing machine!

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mkay. some of y'all might not need this reminder. maybe it's common sense by what they've told you, ooooorrr maybe you've been that unfortunate person who's already tried it before. yeah, i've been there too. DO NOT put your shoes in the washing machine / drying machine. you could get away with throwing them in the washer... please, just don't. and of course, the drying machine is a serious NO... it melts the soles. the best method is to clean your shoes by hand. (go watch a video! i might write an how-to article later, tho... look out)

WOOP! We've done it! Ok... not really... I mean... it's not likely. But now you're all set! With this, you're ready to take on this Laundry Day. Also, another tip I'd give you is that your underwear is honestly best hand washed, but you probably already knew that, didn't you? Anyway, 99% of the people watching... they ain't got time for that. Sigh. You should be okey with using the washing machine on the low tumble/ delicate option for your delicate clothing articles.

Alright, best of luck. XX.