I love the way your eyes gleam when you are talking about your aspirations and the dreams you wish to accomplish in this lifetime.

I still love the way you would kiss my forehead and make me feel as if everything would be okay.

I still love the way you would squeeze my hand to make me feel safe in public.

I still love the way you smile at me like I was born only to look at that smile for my entire life,

I still love the way your hugs would bring me all of the warmth in the world on the coldest of days.

I still love you and my heart aches at the thought of you falling in love with someone who isn’t me.

Reminding myself that you are doing all of those things for her. How ill never be able to hold your hand or feel the warmth of you upon my skin.

I love you with my entire heart and although it will be hard to get over you there will always be a part of me that will love you