Hi! I saw this article and I loooved it so I will do it too!

Tea or Coffee?

coffee, flower, and flowers image autumn, Cinnamon, and fall image
Coffe for eveeer

Apple or Pumpkin pie?

fall, food, and coffee image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image
Pumpkin pie! I literally do at least 5 every autumn

Baking or hiking?

autumn, fall, and food image pie and food image

Hot Cider or fresh donuts?

autumn, donuts, and pumpkin image autumn, fall, and coffee image
Fresh donuts, yum

Turtleneck or scarf?

Image removed fashion, orange, and style image
Turtleneck, but I honestly wear neither I feel suffocated

Sunny or rainy?

autumn, fall, and leaves image coffee, book, and rain image
Rainy as possible please

Cinnamon Roll or Caramel Apple?

food, autumn, and fall image book, coffee, and Cinnamon image
Cinnamon roll

Sweaters or cardigans?

cardigan, style, and warm image Image removed

Stay at home or go out?

autumn, fall, and city image pumpkin, autumn, and Halloween image
Go out, I love chilly weather

Read a book or watch netflix?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Both, one show, one book, one show, one book...

S'mores or cookies?

Cookies, food, and chocolate image Halloween, Cookies, and pumpkin image

Neutral or colorful?

fashion image fashion, style, and autumn image

Haunted house or corn maze?

red, house, and aesthetic image house, dark, and grunge image
Haunted House! All things haunted

Thanks so much for reading!