So I have in somewhat recent history found a new passion or maybe you can call it an obsession. I randomly was mindlessly downloading apps. I don’t know why, but downloaded several picture editing apps. One in particular Kind of stuck out.
It was called PicsArt. Now it started out just making goofy or funny pictures that surely were rarely goofy or funny, but over time I came to realize the potential things that I could possibly make and curiosity kept me trying new things. And after I would kind of get the desired effect it would just make me want to perfect it. After a while I got to the point that I would think to myself, you know I think in the last week or two you have really kind of started making some good stuff and about once a week after that I would think the same thing since then. Now I didn’t think that I was trying to make any statements or start off with a direction in mind. I just wanted to make cool pictures.and I guess I did because I started getting more and more followers and more and more likes and view. Recently I was offered a spot in the VIP group on PicsArt and great fully accepted. Along with accepting the. Badge was agreeing to the professional standards and practices so I’ve had to go back on every picture and make sure that I used all ethically sourced material and for the most part I was good. Part way through I started to realize that on pretty much every picture I could in away travel back in time and live in that exact moment again.
I begun to realize that in each one of those pictures were little therapy sessions that in retrospect so many of my edits were my brain telling me thoughts that had not even been formed yet and would eventually get past thoughts to actions in many cases.
I guess if you were to just put a person in a room and toss a pile of tools and material at his feet he would probably end up building something that he needs. And I thing it is the same with me since I had no expectation or need to create these pictures with the little limitations I had set my mind was free to talk to me, and I think that’s a very wonderful thought and the reason that I suggest that a person should find something that inspires them to explore more and more approaches to make that thing a unique representation of what they think they need to see from themselves and make it a personal experience in that you are not making a thing that has to meet to someone else’s standards and not a planned out thing that has Instructions. I don’t know what all I would relate it too, other then to just use my experience as an example. I would find free time I would find pictures I thought were cool I would get an Image in my head or an idea and I will try to make that happen because I thought it would simply look cool. And when I do that now I realize that it’s basically me having one on one time with my soul.
In conclusion I suggest that you find something that you love that you have no reservations about you can do boundlessly and you will likely learn things about yourself that you didn’t know you needed to to know.
Thanks for reading
Lynn Brewer
Sorry for not proof reading or grammar if I start doing that then I’ll end up saying something completely different and this is what I wanted to write so it’s going up as-is