so im going to be doing this thing were i like just talk abt my school and this would be a journal.

and y'all will just be reading this and stuff wether u like it or not, btw this is not revised so be ready for spelling errors :)

ok so first day of school was kind of boring and stuff but i got used to the classes that im going to have, but i think I'm going to switch out of most of them.

im rlly scared abt locker rooms and stuff bcuz middle school and junior high was not abt this. and we wore our uniforms for gym but like yeah..

idk especially, how im going to do this as a queer teen and shit, but like ig oh well we going to have to go through it, btw we have uniform so it's not that big of a deal and stuff so yeah we don't have to worry abt outfits and stuff

but like I'm going to find a way to do this and go through it,

im trying to have more classes with my friends but also trying to do what's best 4 me and like yeah

i have some classes i already took last year so like the schedules r kinda messed up

hopefullly i could change them succesfully and try not to struggle in those classes

i need things to do but ig I'm going to be doing this,

i have a chinese course coming up (i take a course every year), so basically hopefully i do well it's starting 9/23

i rlly want to be ready

yeah thanks for reading if u were bored

and here's some music recs like i always do

bad idea- girl in red
hello anxiety- phum viphurit
fancy shoes- the walters
i've seen footage- death grips
vexation- the garden