I fall in love with this series, simply magical
extremely well made and assembled, you can feel the dedication and creativity of those involved by the screen
that's my view if the puppet show were human-made

aesthetic, girl, and red hair image Image by || GHADIR || Abusive image beautiful, braid, and Girl Crush image

2- Mother Aughra

Image by karoline ♫ clothes, earthy, and fashion image aesthetic image the shape of water, octavia spencer, and kourosh keshiri image


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sherlock, benedict cumberbatch, and stephen strange image bill skarsgård and ooofff image bird, bone, and creepy image bird, bone, and boy image


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Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed game of thrones, ice and fire, and theon greyjoy image got, game of thrones, and house greyjoy image

9-Kylan and Gurjin

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amine and rappeur image


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