tears fall down,
a cigarette between my lips,
thinking about those times where i had the ability to have you between my hips.
i hear that song,
it reminds me of when i sat down next to you,
i should never went there with you.
that weakness, that you used,
is still there to be seen on my face,
if you look closely,
you see it in my eyes when i hear your name.
i mistook you for whatever i hoped you could be,
but that was everything you couldn't be,
at least not for me.
a minute,
that's how long i can go without thinking of where i went wrong.
it drives me crazy,
the fact that i couldn't but she can,
it drives me crazy.
a few more tears,
a few more cigarettes,
a few more dreams,
and you're still with her and i'm alone.
fucking lonely,
as i always am.