pics filter

ariana grande image ariana grande, arianagrande, and ariana image ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image era, hair, and hq image

(Below you have a link for vsco X for free)


filter:TK +10.4
exposure: -1.4
contrast: -4.7
saturation: +0.7
skin: +2.4
fade: +1.4
vignette: +2.1


(add the photo you edited on vscocam to snapseed)
add glamour
number 4 (filter)
incandescense: +59
saturation: +16
temperature: -63


(add the photo you edited on vscocam and snapseed to nomo)
this application will put the polaroid frame.
the filter will also improve you and will be more similar to the ariana grande feed

(vscocam X free):
(It is in Spanish but translate the page and done, remember to uninstall the normal vsco first, when you enter the page you must download and where to put download in green you give and install).

This article will be in German and Spanish very soon!
Thank you for watching and enjoy.