Hello, lovelies! I'm Shaima and I'm so happy to be writing this out.
Now I want to talk to you all about the ways to just feel like yourself again after a long summer vacation. Surrounded by a lot of people, you would feel like your brain has gotten out of place for a while. Which is amazing to have a bit of change from the normal college/school days. But if you're like me and a lot of others out there, and you feel the need to get yourself back together; this is for you all.💗

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1. Wake up early: I would definitely suggest that you set your alarm an hour earlier or so; of course, sleeping early is important as well to not feel grumpy in the morning or sleep in.
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2. Minimize the use of the phone in the morning: I recommend that you all try this; it works so well on, not only your eyes but also your mind. Try to win over that urge to grab your phone.
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3. Breath in the natural air: Open those windows and balcony doors up, allow in natural sunlight, close your eyes and breath deeply. Imagine how you want your day to go, and whisper words of courage and be thankful. Do this for as long as you feel you need it. By yourself; no phone, no no one.
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4. Yoga and Meditation: This is my second year doing yoga and meditation, even though I might have stopped yoga for a while, but meditation is so good. Its another world. Another feeling. YOU create your own world, or just forget about the world for a while. It honestly rewires your soul back and makes you fresh.
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5. Finally, eat a healthy breakfast: So we all know how important breakfast is, but doing it with all of these steps I mentioned earlier, and just enjoying what you're eating, or grabbing a poetry/novel book, its just everything; a break from reality.
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I have been following all of these steps for years now, and I could not tell you how much being with yourself these few hours/minutes of the days, will get you closer to your soul. You would love yourself deeply even more than you secretly already do.

Lots of love to you all out there.