So I don't know if any of you know this, but I'm 17 and I can't drive. I'm really bad at it, and I get anxious and it makes my parents scared. I'm always jealous of people who can drive because I could've gotten my license last October but didn't and now my permit is expired and so now I'm almost 17 and I want to get a job and do all these things but I can't always get a ride. Now I see people younger than me driving and I just get really sad and feel bad about myself idk why. I have a car, but I feel so behind and I feel like a loser. Like, I should have a job and a sport and a life, but I always make it so I can't. I see people with their keys and those stupid videos I watch of teenage girls who think iced coffee is a personality trait and jam to bops in the car and I feel so bad about myself. I don't know why I watch those videos, I guess it gets me motivated but at the same makes my self esteem plummet.
Sometimes I feel as if I'll never get out of this place. Not like there's anything bad about it, but I want independance and freedom.

Every night feel like two weeks
Thinkin' 'bout how I could have done this or done that better
Can't help it, that's just me
that's me avoidin' the change
Yeah, that's probably why the issues ain't goin' away
Yeah, that's probably why I always sit around and complain
Tellin' myself that I ain't never gettin' out of this place

I am a junior, and I don't have a license, a phone, a job, or a sport. I don't have a life. I feel like I'm stuck.
I need help
I'm too young to feel like I'm running out of time.