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Sometimes I wish I could to anything without no regret, without no fear, without no judgement... Like kissing somebody or tell to someone how much he is important to me in my life and personal growing. If I could, I will run in the street, in the middle of the road, shouting my favourite song. Jumping in the arm of somebody and kiss this person on the cheek. Say to myself how much I'm proud of what I start to being.

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Some days nothing can bring me down, my smile is fixed to my mouth. Laughing all the days and give extra hugs that I usually not. Smiling to everyone and looking in their eyes. Give without expectations back. Just be the perfect me. The sun skims my face and lights my hair.

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A few hours I am very excited to live alone on my own. To discover the world as I always wanted to do. To have my own rules and own responsibilities like an adult. Working. Cooking. Hanging out...

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Some moments everything is wrong. I feel empty, my eyes full of tears and my heart of pain. I regret to have nobody, to be alone and to be so stupid. And I wish about a nice someone to dry my sadness and tell me, I would be what you need right now.

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I only wish that this month I will not cry for no reason. That I will no make a mess with my life and my feelings. That I will be more sensible about the fact that I am also human as everyone and that I have to take care of my needs. Of myself... And I wish to not be silly and waiting for something that I have no idea of what it is gonna be like. I wish to be strong enough and to start to trust myself.

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Best regards,
M xxx