• 1 ♡ Favourite TV show?
bitch, pink, and pll image Image removed
Pretty little liars
  • 2 ♡ Favourite TV show character?
pretty little liars and pll image
Young Alisson Dilaurents, my favorite queen bee
  • 3 ♡ TV show you are ashamed to admit you like?
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The Vampire Diaries, i just love it but my friends always say it's dumb and make fun of me
  • 4 ♡ TV show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up liking?
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La Casa De Papel, it's really good, honestly
eric, growth, and self love image
Sex Education have really good characters
  • 5 ♡ TV show you would live in?
Image removed dynasty, liz gillies, and boat image dynasty, gif, and gifs image dynasty image
Dynasty!! I wanna be a bilionaire!!
  • 6 ♡ TV show crush?
rich, skins, and generation 3 image rich and skins uk image
Rich, Skins 3 generation
  • 7 ♡ TV show that reminds you of your childhood?
gilmore girls image
Gilmore Girls, I used to watch it with mom, I miss those good old days
  • 8 ♡ TV character you would like to play?
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Ava Jalali, she's so pretty and smart, her family issues are so like mine, i can really identify myself on her, always trying to be perfect.
  • 9 ♡ Favorite suspense TV show?
pretty little liars and pll image aria, lucy hale, and pretty little liars image
Pretty little liars
  • 10 ♡ Underrated TV show?
good girls image annie, bad boy, and girls image manny montana image good girls, NBC, and netflix image
Good Girls, i can't express how good it is and people don't even care
  • 11 ♡ Thriller favorite TV show?
cool, netflix, and the hauting of hill house image norman bates, bates motel, and freddie highmore image Temporarily removed sabrina, netflix, and sabrinaspellman image
Bates Motel, The Hauting Of Hill House, America Horror Story, Sabrina
  • 13 ♡ Comedy favorite TV show
everybody hates chris image 90s, will smith, and vintage image Temporarily removed that 70s show, fez, and jackie image
Everybody hates chris, Fresh prince of bell air, how i met your mother, that 70's show
  • 14 ♡ A mind blowing tv show
sad, quotes, and alone image
Mr. Robot
  • 15 ♡ Favorite TV show with teenagers
james, Alyssa, and teotfw image
The end of the f**cking world

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