Hi, I wanted to write this to you
although I know you'll never read it.
I needed to remember our
good times and take advantage
to say goodbye to you, though
let's keep seeing each other every day.

In the moment that I say goodbye to you,
I knew that it
would never be the same
without you. I felt an indescribable void
that, I assure you, nobody can ever fill.

I know that the decision I made was not the most correct and the way I developed my escape was not the best.
But I needed to do it.
because I was drowning
and you didn't realize

What hurts most is not having you, seeing you every day and not feeling the same as before. Not see the same person
that for so long was my confidant
and the only person who understood me when nobody else did.

That's what destroys me,
see how all our history
falls apart and neither of them does anything to save it.
Although now I think so, how are we going to fix something if we are also broken?

Just think that we are not going to have
more real moments together kills me.
No more phone jokes to random people
or stay to do a school job
and end up talking about life
enjoying each other.

No more laughs for silly things
Or listen to Arctic Monkeys until we get tired.
And that hurts, I pretend to sweat, but I'm breaking
inside and I have no one like you.

A person who made me feel like nobody.
And that was always smiling to me.
Even in my gray days
You were there with that presence
so peculiar and magical at the same time.

Now I only have left
The memories together.
Our memories.
And see you every day,
hiding the desire to
hug you and say I miss you.

Although all is not lost.
We keep talking, but not as before. Those are not us. They are only two friends who had been everything and now they are nothing.
Only memories and plans that remain forgotten.

So I can only say thank you.
For all the good that you have provoked in my life and for those moments that I will never forget. I love you and always
you will be a precious memory that I can never forget.