Hello! I'm back!
Today, I'm introducing you to Bella and Daniel, the personifications of the Slytherin house.


They both have blue eyes, pale skin and blonde hair. Bella's is pale as snow, Daniel's as golden as a beam of sunshine.

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Punk. Rock. Black jeans exclusively, rock band's tshirts, combat boots and leather jackets. Bella loves her fishnets.

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Resourceful, cunning, ambitious and determinated.

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Bella listens to music 24/7 and Daniel loves to paint.

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Bella's patronus is a panda and Daniel's is a lion.

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Animal Friend

Bella has a snowy owl named Luna and Daniel has a cat named Alaska.

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Favourite Classes

Bella loves D.A.D.A. and is the Slytherin's quidditch team captain. Daniel is great at potions and loves alchemy.

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Favourite Spells

Daniel really likes the colovaria spell to change the colors in the paintings without having to paint on top of it. Bella uses sonorus whenever she wants to blast her favourite songs.

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Circle of Friends

Bella's best friend is Alex, an Hufflepuff and Daniel's is Elric, a Ravenclaw boy.

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Love Interest

Bella is in love with Sage, a Ravenclaw and Daniel with Joseph, a cute Gryffindor.

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Yule Ball

Bella wore a green velvet dress and heel boots. Daniel wore a tux and combat boots.

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Hope you enjoyed it.



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