Hello lovely readers,

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It is almost autumn and I can't wait for more weeks with a summer temperature outside. I look forward to wearing sweaters, boots, nice and cute autumn denim autumn dress and all those outfits. But for now I drink lots of tea (as usual) with some biscuits and I light my sweet candles and fairy lights in my cosy apartment.

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To start this autumnal series of articles, I would like to share with you my most relaxing soft moment that I enjoy at night after a big day of work.

1| Stare the celling during minutes and minutes, in the silence or with soft music.

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2| Look through the window and stare the emptiness

3| Read a book and watch my progression by measuring how many pages I have read

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4| Go under my cover and bring my cushion against me and close my eyes during few instants.

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5| Play with a tea bag in water to see the infusion happens.

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6| Let the chocolat melts on my tongue

7| Think about what my friends are doing at the moment where I think of them.

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8| Take off my makeup and do a facemask right after.

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9| Brush my hair and get dress up in the morning

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10| Wearing Pyj's when I go home with an XL tee shirt.

11| Watch vlogs while tidy up my room or while relaxing a bit.

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12| Wearing my glasses because I need it and my eyes thanks me every evening for this.

13| Writing slowly when I do my homework

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14| Take a warm shower

15| Listen to Podcats before to go to bed

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I hope you like it even if the images don't perfectly match my sentences, I try to create a cosy and autumnal atmosphere.


See you soon
Lots of Love
M xxx