The other day I broke free
of a jail
that I had voluntarily built.

And when I left,
I breathed
Relieved and proud.

Relieved to think that
I could finally leave behind
everything that hurt me

And proud to see that
I could achieve what I always
had wanted and
I hadn't the courage to do.

I knew it was over at last.
No more lies,
no falsehoods
no toxicity

I could be free.
To be with whoever I wanted.
To talk about whatever I wanted
and especially at last
Be who I am.

I also cried but
I finally understood
That nothing is forever.

And the people that I thought
were my pillars
they broke. And I knew
That my only pillar is me.

And for the first time
in a while,
I knew who cared
and who does not.