today I am going to tell you my opinion on CLC comeback

at first it was so satisfying to listen to and I loved the chorus and bridge
I loved the scene in the bridge and I adore how it went from colourful to dark
they amazed me with this comeback

elkie, seungyeon, and yeeun image

the rap was on point
the song overall is good

kpop, clc, and yeeun image

the music video wins as my fav the high quality and the
storyline of the mv fits so so well with the song

kpop and clc image

and sorns blonde hair PLEASE WE ARE BEING WELL FED

Seungyeon visuals are no joke

Seunghees vocals outsold

elkie and yujin slayed so hard

Eunbin was all over the place and I am def not complaining

Devil, kpop, and clc image

cant wait for their live stages they wont disappoint

in conclusion stan clc