silence to me is paradoxical. Deafening yet blissful.
it's fascinating to me how the complete absence of words expresses more than words ever can.
After a long day,silence is the best comforter. A sense of tranquility and peace dance in it. Life is chaotic. Sometimes organized,sometimes muddled. This noisy confusion of life never seems to cease. But in each of our lives, we have experienced complete peace which stems from such silence. More often than not, we forget to draw into this silence. It helps us to examine our inner workings. When troubled , one should resort to silence. It seems to hold all the answers.
Silence is torture . A lover's silence after a feud leaves us anxious and uneasy.
It's powerful. The best answer to threatening words is silence.
silence is dangerous - it may be misinterpreted. people may take offense and it can work against us.

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Silence is an array of colors. white on the daily commute - quiet yet cacophonous. crimson,a shade of red, when the going gets tough-loud yet subdued. it can burn you. On a bad day it turns to sapphire - dull,warm yet so melancholic.
Silence can either be your strongest weapon or your worst enemy. However, to know how to yield this weapon is of importance as it can bruise others.

"remember what peace there may be in silence. " - Max Ehrmann