definition: the art of mixing random words with different meanings in order to create new ones

hungry + angry = hangry
meaning: so hungry that you start to get angry

texting + introvert = textrovert
meaning: person who prefers to express his/her feelings via texts cause personal interaction makes him/her uncomfortable/self-conscious

cute + popsicle = cutesicle
meaning: someone who is super duper cute and makes you want to use stupid-sounding phrases to describe them cause you just can't handle their cuteness

stay + vacation = staycation
meaning: vacation when you stay at home instead of going away

correct + paranoid = caranoid
meaning: when you're paranoid about something but it turns out it's correct

shoes + selfie = shoefie
meaning: the pic of your shoes

sip + lipstick = sipstick
meaning: lipstick stain left on the edge of a cup