hey everyone! as a senior (year 13) in high school, I have spent my fair share of time putting off tasks such as homework and assignments. so, here are my tips on how to not procrastinate doing something!

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1. set a time limit
use a timer on your phone to set a time limit on how long you're going to spend doing whatever it is you need to do. using this time limit allows you to stay focused for a certain amount of time and means that you don't get overwhelmed by thinking you have to work for hours

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2. put all distractions away
this is so important to stop procrastinating! give your phone to a family member or put it in another room to stop you from scrolling through instagram and checking your messages.

3. motivate yourself
I use a reward system to motivate myself to work effectively. promise yourself that you can have a treat after you finish what you need to do; this can be in the form of food, checking your phone or anything else you enjoy!

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4. set the mood for work
light a few candles, put on music you like and grab a drink! all these things can make you more in the mood to focus on what you need to accomplish

5. find a comfortable space
I discovered that I love studying and working in my local coffee shop, so that's what I've continued doing. it makes me study much more effectively, so try different places to work.

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thanks for reading!