Name Martina
Age 22


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Brown eyes, hair dark blonde, straight and shorts. She's 1,68 and skinny.


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Yellow of the sun and the blue of the jeans

Simple and essential style. Martina love Converse All Star, Vans and Nike


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She's generous, shy and loyal.

She understands people and bends over backwards to help.
If you become her friend, you can count on a faithful ally, but if you treat her badly (or her family), she closes the door on you.


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Fitness, motocross, alpine skiing and surf

Martina's a passionate sportswoman.
In winter is an alpine skier, in the spring takes part in the women's motocross championship and in the summer she rides on the waves. Without forgetting the gym pass.

Me and Martina

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Met by chance, together by choice.

The most understanding and sensitive person in the world.

We met on the motocross track. Now we are always together and on the ski slopes. We go to at lunches, dinners, aperitif, to explore new places by car and we laugh often.

Hold on the people who make you smile
They are the children of the sun 🌞

I love you, Mart!

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