I don't know how this article disappeared but it did so this is the new rewritten one


aesthetic and beauty image aesthetic, boy, and cigarette image
do an e-girl/e-boy look
blue, aesthetic, and angel image angels and backrounds image
go to angel supermart
Temporarily removed blood, red, and makeup image
buy a fake blood
baby, doll, and drinking image doll image
make a wine glass out of doll
gif image pokemon and who am i image
play pokemon go until catching all of them
Temporarily removed braces, detail, and kpop image
have a rainbow braces
rain, car, and grunge image red hot chili peppers, rhcp, and rock image
spend a night at a parking lot while listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers
boy, aesthetic, and grunge image aesthetic, art, and grunge image
read a banned book
cake, cookie, and food image cake, simpsons, and funny image
have a bitchy ass cake for my birthday
girl, style, and tattoo image Image removed
dress in men's section cause fuck what society thinks