Right now it's that awkward time, when it isn't really summer anymore, but it isn't fall either. There are things to help you get into that fall mood slowly. Keep reading!


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For the start, I think it's important to decorate your room according to the season. You spend most of your time in your room (well at least me lol)
So if you want to really be in that fall mood, start re-decorating. Plus it's a fun thing to do if you're bored.


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For me, music is very important part of my daily life. Certain songs always get my into different moods.
I have already started making my playlist. Sit down and pick out songs that give you those fall vibes. So you have something to listen to, on those rainy days, duh.


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I can't wait to start wearing all my cozy sweaters. I think it is a bit to warm right now for sweaters BUT I suggest to maybe start incorporating some fall clothes, colors or materials.
For example, wear a maroon skirt, thigh high boots, fall colored blouses or shirts.
I, recently, made an autumn outfit ideas article so you can check that out for inspiration


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Fall is the time for movies. All those rainy days is a great excuse to have a movie marathon. It's a great way to get into that fall mood.
Of course, my favorite fall (every season) movie is Harry Potter. But it's up to you on what to watch.


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Even though, in fall there are many rainy days, it's also great time to do some outdoor activities.
You can go bike reading around town or at a park, to watch the beautiful scenary. Also, apple picking is so much fun. Pumpkin carving.

♡ BAKE ♡

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Food is amazing, especially fall food. There are so many yummy dishes arounf fall time. Why not try to make them yourself?
You can look up different recipes on Pinterest and just try to bake something. And it doesn't have to be amazing, especially if it's your first time making it.


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I don't know what it is, but I like going to coffee shops so much more in the fall time. I just like the vibe. It's so cozy.
Order tea or coffe, maybe, brink a book and just enjoy your time there and relax. Perfect rainy sunday activity.

These were my tips. Hope you enjoyed and it gave you fall vibes.

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LOVE, Karina.