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Name and Age

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Bella / Bells, 17


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Brown/Olive toned skin, brown curly hair, luscious lips, blue eyes and tattoos


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Observant, Artistic, Secretive, Struggles from OCD, Reliable


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Photography, Yearbook Committee, cheerleading, religion/church


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She is Nadia and Omar's first cousin. She is half palestine and spanish. She was raised in a normal household by a muslim father but crosses the line and tests the boundaries of her religion and family (since she has tattoos, does cheerleading and goes out on the town). Her mom and father are more laid back on how they raise their children and Nadia's parents aren't a fan of it. But because they are related, they do look out for each other.


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Valerio: Even though she becomes aware of what Lu and Valerio are hiding, she and Valerio enjoy each others company not only sexually but they like to gossip about all the students at the academy since Bella has uncovered some of the students precious and embarrassing secrets.


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Pairs black knee high socks with combat/platform boots, crops school shirt, short/tight skirt, layered necklaces

Casual Style:

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Black, green and grey colors, strappy shirts, an abundance of jewelry, grunge, high waisted jeans

Party/Club Style:

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Black, leather, spunky, bold, tight

Arc/Character Importance:

Enters in Season 1 but has more importance in Season 2:

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Bella moves to be closer to her cousins because of her father's intense work with oil companies, and her family believed she could be taken care of when her parents are away by Nadia's father and mother (her uncle and aunt). She also suffers from a lower version of OCD and her family gets concerned about her when she is in social situations and by herself because she could end up having a trigger.

And finally her parents have the money and resources to send her to a good school and therefore they pick Las Encinas.

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Bella becomes fast friends with Samuel, then Ander after she learns of Omar's relationship with him. She wasn't sure about Guzman and his intentions at first but knows Nadia and him have a connection. While she is hanging out with their family, Bella wants to keep everyone's secrets so Nadia and Omar's parents don't find out.

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She ends up making the new cheer team along with Carla and Lu who she has beef with, and Lu uses Bella's OCD against her. Bella also becomes apart of the yearbook committee and is in charge of the photos. And since she is always carrying a camera to get the best shots of events and sports at campus, she has caught some of the students in vulnerable moments and has uncovered secrets like the relationship between Lu and Valerio, Nano running away with bloody hands, Polo's shirt change and Carla's hook ups.

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