It is here... Autumn... Pumpkins, books, vanilla scented candles..And of course new clothing collections in the stores... Sweaters, hoodies, long warm dresses. A great time to find new peaces for your wordrobe.

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But first, it would be good to have a proper closet clearout. You know, just to make space for new clothes. :D Which is exactly what I tried to do today. Keward: TRIED.

After 3 bags of clothes ready to be throghn away, donated, given away/or back to mum, or maybe sold, still have a few hudge piles!

clothes, mess, and room image

And here I am, trying do become a minimalist, and thinking that I don't buy clothes all THAT often,... Yet it's enough for me to open my own closet, and I freak out.

Afer this discovery of mine, I want to punlically promise myself that I will not be buying new clothes from now on, unless I really need something, which mean that either:

- The clothing peace I have gets ripped or stained and can't be washed clear
- The clothing I have gets worn out.
- I don't have the kind of clothing piece I found, and I really like it, and have many things to combine it with.

Otherwise, I will not nuy new clothes until February next year.