Hi everyone! I'm back, it's been awhile lol. I was taking some time for myself,
today I'm writing an updated verson of the GOT7 challenge, I did the challenge when I stanned got7 for only a few months. I know a lot more about them now and I know more songs sksks, in conclusion I hope you have fun reading this and stan GOT7, stream Love Loop <3

1. First song you've heard
It was either Hard Carry or You Are, I fell in love with their vocals.

2. Least favourite song of them
Don't hate me but I always skip Hard Carry and Girls Girls Girls

3. Cutest member
Youngjae aka my ult bias

4. Favorite picture of Jaebeom

Image removed Temporarily removed
This was a whole look

5. Favorite moment
When they got their first win for Eclipse.

6. Favorite song
My favorite song is either You Are or 1 degree.

7. Favorite picture of Mark

idol, JYP, and kpop image idol, JYP, and kpop image
He looks ethereal.

8. Favorite performance
This Eclipse performance, I mean blue haired Youngjae can't be forgotten. In conclusion, stream Eclipse.

9. First bias
I think it was Mark and Bambam

10. Current bias
It was mister Choi Youngjae and will always be mister Choi Youngjae.

11. Least favourite member
it's 7 or nothing.

12. favorite picture of Jackson

Temporarily removed Image removed
He is so freaking cute in this.

13. Best singer
Youngjae, but that's just because I prefer his singing style.

14. funniest member
Bambam lmao

15. Best rapper
Jackson, but that's because I prefer is rapping skills.

16.Your favorite otp
2jae or jinson

17. Favorite picture of Jinyoung

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
These pictures from Hey, Guys.

18. Favorite MV
Miracle, makes me cry everytime I see it.

19. Song that makes you happy
There are lots of songs that make me happy, but right now it's I Am Me and Come On.

20. hottest member
Still mister Lim Jaebeom.

21. Put all members on biaslist
1. Youngjae
2. Jaebeom, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Bambam, Yugyeom :)

22. Favorite picture of Youngjae

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I couldn't find a better picture of this concert, but it looks like this one. He looks like an angel here.

23. Best dancer
Our giant maknae, Yugyeomie

24. Best smile
I love all of their smiles because they all make me smile.

25. Most badass member
Jaebeom, I'm whipped for Jaebeom

26. Favorite picture of Bambam

bambam and got7 image kpop, kunpimook bhuwakul, and kunpimook image
It's a picture from yesterday's concert but boy he looks so good.

27. Why and when did you start stanning?
I knew them long before I started stanning them, I started stanning them in May 2018. I started stanning them because I fell in love with their songs, they were totally my taste and their performances were mindblowing.

28. Favorite era
Eclipse era, I mean Blue haired Youngjae

29. Which member has the closest birthday to you?
Yugyeom uwu

30. Favorite picture of Yugyeom

JYP, k-pop, and kpop image JYP, kpop, and jyp nation image
I can't find my favorite picture here, so let me just put this cute ass picture here uwu

31. Why do you love GOT7?
I love GOT7 because they always make me feel at ease, they calm me down when I am panicked, they make me feel like they truly care about me. Also the fandom, the fandom is so sweet to each other, I've met amazing ahgases and they were even willing to send me a banner because I can't go to their concert. I'm so happy that I started stanning them and I can proudly call myself; ahgase.

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