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basic info

name: angelica marina santos
birthday: november 12th, 1992
nationality: latin american

appearance โ€• kristina bazan (fc)
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long, straight, black hair with big, round, baby blue eyes and plump lips.
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about 5'4 tall, petit but fit.
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due to her past, angelica has become violent and vindictive. she only cares about revenge, pushing aside her own good and the goods of her family and loved ones. angelica forced herself to put her emotions and feelings away, making her heart cold as ice. despite all the bad things that she has done, she would literally die for the people she loves. angelica's patient, quiet, passionate, rebellious and proud of herself.
angelica's backstory
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angelica's has a cuban mother and a now-dead american father. both her parents lived in miami, where she was born. angelica's father was a scientist, who collaborated with his long-time friend, rudolph morgan, for running an osmotic power company. after her father's death, caused by rudolph morgan himself, angelica left her mother and swore revenge. she became violent and brutal, the only thing she cared about was to take revenge and inflict to others the same pain she felt. angelica started to make money by seducing and killing evil, wicked men.

โ€• amadeo cabrera: sidekick

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amadeo is angelica's only friend; they met by accident, at a bar, and soonly understood that they were thirsty for revenge for very similar reasons. they became partners in crime and friends with benefits. amadeo's a freak, a psycho, but deeply cares for angelica due to his love for her.

โ€• william morgan: lover

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to take revenge on rudolph morgan, angelica tries to get close to william, rudolph's son, by seducing and sleeping with him. however, despite her promises to herself to not fall in love or anything else, angelica ends up caring about william a little bit too much.
angelica's aesthetics
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hello there! thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed my oc, angelica santos, the main character of my story: femme fatale.
you can check out the collection i created about her.

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