Hello Everyone !

Today, I've decided to share my first work experience but especially how I felt about it all, because I've had really conflicting emotions during the process.

I've finished my studies last year and during a long, very very long year I've been looking for work. I'll be honest it's totally excruciating, and every time I used to receive a negative answer to a job I felt like I was worth nothing.
I had no experience in the job I was looking for, I had only done summer jobs and that was not enough for most enterprises. Or that's what I kept repeating myself anyway.

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But after all, at 21 I wasn't going to end not working for the rest of my life. So I started to be more positive about it, and then just before summer, an enterprise I had send my resume to a few months ago contacted me.
It was for an internship but that would give me experience to find a job later, I couldn't be happier !

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At first arriving in there, I was scared sh*tless to be honest. But I've revealed myself working with those amazing people. I couldn't imagine having a better team than the people I've worked with.
I wasn't confident in the work I might deliver, considering I had never worked before, and I was scared of the outcome of the internship. But they were all really supportive, and I learned as much as I did studying three years, in three months.

I won't lie, I wouldn't have been able to do half of the things I've done without what I've learned beforehand, but working is a totally different world.

And honestly the most prominent feeling I had was just how satisfying it is to be active, to work for myself, to care and provide for me and most of all to be worth something I never thought I was capable of.

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Now I'm going to start working for this enterprise in a few days ! I'm super excited for all that's still waiting for me and still can't realize how it has changed me in such a short time, and how I feel alive and competent.

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All in all, don't let yourself down, even if you feel like work is running away from you, everything comes to those who wait. Have patience, never stop applying, and you'll catch someone eye and find something that will thrill you.

That's all for this article, thank you ♥️

Stay focused,

And be happy,

CeJe xxx