Hello my lovely hearters <3! I don't know about you but autumn is definitely my favourite season. In this article I'll explain why I love it so much.

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It's finally cold enough outside to do sports and not die of heatstroke.

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You finally have an excuse to stay inside again.

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In the evening it's dark enough to put up candles again.

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Hot beverages taste better when it's not thirty degrees outside.

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You can wear cosy sweaters again

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You're never too old to jump in a pile of leaves or to collect them and decorate your room with them.

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The world looks colourful one last time before winter.

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You can get creative while carving pumpkins.

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Long walks through colourful forests are the best thing ever.

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You finally have the opportunity to dress up again for halloween.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and are now as excited for colourful leaves, sweaters and hot drinks as I am. I certainly can't wait to do all of the listed things. I wish you all a fantastic autumn. Ly, Pineappplepie <3