Hello peopleee

First of all I'm sorry for my terrible english. I'm going to improve it or at least I will try it!

My Name is Elvira, but noone calls me Elvira. My friends and Family call me Elve or Vila. I live in Switzerland/ Zurich. I'm 19 years old. I have never written an article befor. Thats my first one.

A lot of crap happens in my life. And at the Moment i'm trying to fix everything or to fix me?
I'm going through a break up. I cried my soul out of my Body and I'm still doing it. For what? for someone that doesn't deserve me.

So I started to think about it. He broke up? It isn't the end of the world. Am I upset? Hell Yes! Am I sad? Of Course I am. But I'm not going to spend my life mourning.

I decided to change something in my life. I started doing things that I always wanted to do.
I'm going to learn a new language (English), learn for my finals they are this year, take some time for myself, read new books, spend time with my best friend and write articles.

In the near future many articles will come. And I am excited for that. My mom used to say: When you think you are at a point in your life where you tink you can't anymore, let all your Feelings out and act.

And thats what I am going to do! Make myself happy and enjoy life again.

See youuu soonn!
XoXo Elve