e p i p h a n y

i finally realised so
i love me, not so perfect
but so beautiful
i am the one i should love

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l i g h t s

decide for yourself what it means to be happy
everyday, take a step to grow up
but it is okay
to show weakness sometimes
it is okay to be you
don't lie to yourself anymore

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l o v e m y s e l f

inside of me
there's still that awkward part of me but
you've shown me i have reasons
i should love myself
i'm learning how to love myself
i'll answer with my breath, path

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r e f l e c t i o n - R M

the world is just another name for despair
my height is just another diameter
for the earth
i am all of my joy and anxiety
it repeats everyday, the love and hate
directed to me

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f a k e l o v e

i wish love was perfect as love itself
i wish all my weakness could be hidden
i grew a flower that can't be bloomed
in a dream that can't come true

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y o u n e v e r w a l k a l o n e

these wings came from pain
but they are wings headed for the light
though it's hard and it hurts
if i can fly, i will fly

so i won't be scared anymore
will you hold my hand ?
you and i, if we are together
we can smile

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m a g i c s h o p

days when you hate that you're you
days when you wanna disappear
let's make a door in your heart

if you open that door and go inside
this place will be waiting for, you
it's okay to believe, it'll comfort you
this Magic Shop

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e u p h o r i a

even if the sandy ocean floor splits into two
even if someone shakes up this world
never let go of my hand
please don't wake up from this dream

take my hands now
you are the cause of my euphoria

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