To the little girl staring back from the mirror

You still wear those ponytails on both sides of your head, you used to love them.

I must admit that I miss you.

How are you? Are your favourite toys the same? Are you still the happy being that you were?

Your imagination has always been a treasure that every pirate wish for. And your heart is nothing less, never stoping searching for the happiness of your loved ones.

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I still watch your favourite movies, you know?

You've always been the best adventurer in this world. You've traveled even through worlds of clouds and pink skies. Where you can fly freely and where worries don't exist.

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Your inocence is as pure as your feelings. But don't worry, you never lost that spark that you have, you're just a little more playful, and believe me, you've learnt pretty well how to use sarcasm.

I just want to ask one thing before saying goodbye. Please, never give up, you've been through hardships but everything will be fine, we'll be fine if we continue being ourselves and caring for our beautiful souls.

Sometimes I wish I could go back just to see you again.

The grown up you.

I love you.

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