Hi everyone :) Feeling hopeless for the future? I understand, but we have to fight for it, starting with ways to create a better one. So let's see what we can do.

Shop responsibly:

-use reusable shop bags
-refill packs instead of buying new ones
-don't buy something you don't really need
-prefer local products
-prefer what is in biodegradable boxes etc
-buy stuff that will last even if it's a little more expensive
-shop at thrifting shops which is eco-friendly and super fun

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Don't leave something plugged in if it doesn't need it anymore, not only for saving energy but also because it causes damages

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Reuse what you can: boxes, cases, glass containers, bags, ribbons and wrapping paper

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Walk or take the bicycle/bus/train when you can or buy an hybrid car if you can afford it

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Use sustainable sources of energy if you can

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Exchange clothes with siblings or friends

In this way you always have something new and can get rid of what you don't need or want anymore

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Support locally owned stores

Prefer buying at a local store instead of shopping at international chains

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Last but not least recycle

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So I hope I inspired you to be more responsible for a better future, if you already do this things keep going and thank you :)
Check my collection to find more ways to be green: