Hey guys. Just really quick, I started my instagram completely over. I'm doing aesthetics. Alternating from Greek gods and other mythologies to character aesthetics from book, movies, and shows. I started a series called "Where Are They Now?: Greek Gods: which is the ancient/traditional aesthetic of a god and their modern aesthetic. I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out. It's https://www.instagram.com/kinglykore.

Nina - @icecoldmedina

bathroom, important, and lipstick image food and waffles image the smiths, music, and vintage image bastille, quotes, and Lyrics image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed nature, travel, and love image book, flowers, and yellow image music, record, and aesthetic image
Aries sun, Libra moon, Cancer rising, Pisces venus, Pisces mercury | Year of the Dragon

Alexandra - @tsukkiss

Temporarily removed art, background, and blue image quotes, jayus, and joke image aesthetic, blue, and dark image wallpaper, stars, and background image pancakes, food, and breakfast image fashion, outfit, and style image quotes, wallpaper, and things image water, stone, and blue image art, draw, and drawing image
Libra sun, Aquarius moon, Sagittarius rising, Virgo mercury, Libra venus, Pisces mars | INTJ | Type 5w6

Jane - @tirednpeachy

lipgloss, lips, and lipstick image planet, space, and universe image Temporarily removed orange, fruit, and food image theme, car, and red image wallpaper, background, and yellow image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed car, aesthetic, and pink image
Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, Scorpio rising, Sagittarius mercury, Capricorn venus, Taurus mars, Scorpio Jupiter | Gryfferin | Daughter of Hades (Cabin 13) | Lawful Neutral | ENTJ | Year of the Rooster

Kenzie - @Kiwifay13

flowers, orange, and marigolds image candle image Image removed words image dog, cute, and puppy image legs, freckles, and vintage image summer, happy, and friends image boys, liam payne, and niall horan image Temporarily removed car, vintage, and aesthetic image
Cancer sun, Aries moon, Pisces rising, Cancer mercury, Gemini venus, Sagittarius mars | Slytherin | Wampus | Daughter of Aphrodite (Cabin 10) | Lawful Good | | Type 2w4 | Year of the Snake


beautiful, finland, and flower image mirror, gold, and vintage image Image by 🌙 food, sweet, and pink image Image removed quotes, definition, and elegance image hair, girl, and fumikokawa image pearls image lipstick, lips, and red image aesthetic, gold, and golden image
Taurus sun, Virgo moon, Virgo rising, Taurus mercury, Aries venus, Cancer mars, Gemini mid-heaven | Year of the Dog
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