Abusive people are always around but when they're your family it's hard to get over it. Here are some tips on how to deal with them

1- Have something to Impress them

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Bad people don't care about your heart or character but they care about the benefits of being with someone.keep in mind that you don't want them to accept you, you're here to lessen the abuse and the pain for a better life. so, if you're good in something, impress them with it

2- Knowing that it's not about you

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You're not the reason why they treat you that way if you were and being nice to them, maybe it's jealousy or a mental satisfaction that the abuser get from abusing you. Just keep in mind that who started the fire isn't the "good guy"

3- Avoid Any Cyrcle That will get You Into Any Type of Abuse (mental or Physical)

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You probably know their actions after a long time of the abuse. If you know if you sid something will get them to manipulate you or treat you in a way you don't want, don't say it, keep it to yourself better. If you know if you replied or acted in a certain way will bring the abuse to you, avoid it at all cost and excuse yourself for why you wouldn't do that action to them with an excuse that they will take it ( Don't lie)

4- Recovery by self-love

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Abuse can take so much of your energy and thoughts, try to get over what has been lost by building yourself to reach the sky and beyond. Go out, buy something even if it was cheap to increase self-love, watch a movie solo, dance, see what you want to achieve in the short and long run, call up a trustworthy friend, cook, put makeup on, pamper yourself and enjoy life as you should.

I had done most of those and I actually feel way better, my family still hates me deep down but it doesn't do much now, I asked for freedom that's why I deserve it. They got me out of the love box so I went and created one by myself and that's what I want to do... <3 LOVE YOU <3