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You remember how I told you yesterday that I was extremely exhausted? Well, today after French class I got home and had an amazing breakfast, then I watch a reality show with my mom and then I took the best nap ever. I hadn't slept so good in what feels like weeks. Grateful for that.

I haven't done a lot of interesting stuff since yesterday other than watching this Netflix show called MINDHUNTER, which focuses on the serial killers in USA during the 70's and they investigate the criminal psychology. It is so interesting and documental that I can't stop watching it. Kudos to Jp, for the recommendation.

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Day 25: If you were an object what would you be and why?

So no more "Write About" prompts, we are sliding into the "Creativity" prompts!

Before I started to write this article I asked my mom what would she choose to be. She answered that she would be a camera because then she could hold people's memories forever. I found that really interesting.

I remember in our junior year writing class we had to write a short story about "What if you were and inanimate object." I said that I would be a bobby pin and told the adventures of loosing my other 20 siblings in a girl's big hair. I also wrote the assignment for someone else in exchange of other assignment, and I told her story with her boyfriend but as if they were mirrors in a gallery.

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Today as I was wrecking my brain to find what I could be. At first I thought of a necklace but I didn't really know the reason why so I threw that idea again, and as I was typing the We Heart It link to start writing this article I noticed my ring. It all came to my head. I would be a ring, specifically mine.


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I have always wanted to feel wanted. Wanted, by the people I care about. And I mean to use this word because I have this weird need for people to want me around them. This makes me feel special and loved. Now that I think about it I don't consider it a weird need, I bet everyone wants to feel wanted by people they love. Everyone must have thought at least once in their lives, "Oh I wish that my friend wants me to go with her to this place", "I hope that when my friend goes to that party that I couldn't got they would think that they want me there." And stuff like that.

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I would like to be my ring, because I always want it there with me. I don't know why I would do without my ring. And I would love for someone to think of me that way.

The other reason is because everyone asks me about my ring. Where did you get it? Was it a present? Who gave it to you? I would love to be my ring because at the end of the day it has a story. A story of family and love and of raw happiness. I would be my ring because when I tell its story people just stare fondly back at me and tell me that it is so beautiful. I would like for people, when I am old, to look back at my story just like that: with fondness and appreciation. Even thought it was simple and familiar and not very extravagant.

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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