I wrote smoke a few weeks ago while I was visiting my hometown for a weekend, when I realized there was nothing I could do to stop what I was starting to feel. So I wrote "Smoke", it is about how my vision changed in a lot of ways after I started having feelings for this person, we used to smoke and I thought it was cool, I loved his vibe, but when you have feelings for someone you want to take care of them, I loved that vibe until I realized that what made me think he was so cool actually hurt him, and then I just wanted him to stop, "such a shame you are the one" means that even though that actions are what made me want to dig deeper in him, I don't really want that for him, and smoking isn't the only example I can think of, but is the one I found more interesting to inspire my poem about, the verse "such a tragedy we are" is more about us as a generation, we are he future, and we romanticize depression and bad habits so much we are not going anywhere, that's why I also used the expression "rotten generation", it is not my best piece but I have a special love for this one because I don't only express my love, but I express how f*ucked up we are as a complete generation.