Hey, hearters I know that I have been gone for a while but I'm back.
This story is a bit more personal and if you have any advice on what I should do please be free to comment.

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This week is my first week of school I've learned a lot about my self.

Number one is that I have changed and that your friends are based on who you are. I want to take this time and tell you that that's life people come and go. Sometimes it's for the best you get to see people for their truthful self.

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This life is truly an adventure, for example, my friend Courtney helped me got out of my box last year.

I was in a really bad position where I only focused on what others thought about me. I have to admit I was with the wrong crew. The crew that focused on having bigger butts and boobs and getting a boyfriend. They judge people based on their clothes and their accessories. Based on what was on the outside not necessarily what was on the inside. I was in that category, I have stuck them until I met Courtney, she taught me to care about my grades and show teachers how much my grades meant to me. She made me believe that I can do it.

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Now don't get me wrong it was a big transition but I made it alive. By the end of the year, I did get honor roll for 2nd and 3rd but fourth quarter I couldn't make it but I was pretty close.

I got to know her she made everything about her not me. Before it didnt matter I was just trying to get my stuff together. But now that I am altogether and I did make it to PDP and now that I have advanced classes.

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As I got to know her for who she was. she made everything about her.

I realize that I dont want to be like her and that half of the things she says I dont agree. And I realized that whenever I try to tell her something she doesn't seem to care. Whenever she has something going on I always tend to support her I treated her as I would to any friend, to the point we decided to be best friends. I even changed my point of view because of her.

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I started listening to things I wouldn't listen to daily, for an example now I listen to Billie Eilish.

But she couldn't do the same for me. A few months ago I didnt even know who that was. I tend to let things slide because I know she has been through a lot but I would feel horrible if I left her just like that. She seems to be less open to the world and I am open to new possibilities and I see the world in colors. She seems to be shy to met people, I tend to be more open. When life gets hard she runs away but when life gets hard for me I face it because deep down I know it would make me stronger.

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I do have my week moments dont get me wrong but it's not about how you start its how you finish. I've been through things to the point where I felt like nothing.

I became Courtney's friend because I saw her as the kind of person I wanted to be as a student. Now I know that I'm better and now that I've got to know her for who she is I know that she is not a fighter. When life slaps her on her face she calls Mommy and Daddy. She tends to procrastinate a lot, she sees thing based on how they look and not realize that when you start you are halfway finished. She looks at celebrities like gods she's obsessed with them. When I see them as a basic human being that makes mistakes like me they just happen to be more successful and they know how to make money.

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I see my self in the future doing what I love and making money.

After all, I am a businesswoman. I want to do better I know I can do better and every day I'm learning to be a better person. And as I grow I learn that we are too different peoples on different levels.
I want t take her on this beautiful journey with me to success but we are too different people with different opinions. I'm still going to be her friend, I'm just not going to be her "best friend".

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I dont want to hurt her so this is my safe place where I share a piece of my mind. I want to be friends with people that are on the same level as me and higher. People that have dreams for the future. People that will do whatever it takes to be on top that who I want to be.

Like I said before "your friends are based on who you are" and if you ask me if that is the person I want to be? The answer will be NO.